All About Note FE

note FE

What should be wrong with the original once?

Samsung takes a deep investigation and checks what the matter is they widely investigated and find that there will be multitude battery faults.

The first issue will be trace in the battery that manufactured Samsung subsidiary Samsung  SDI.

Samsung told us that the main problem was “the negative electrode was deflected in the upper-right corner” but added that an incorrectly located negative electrode tip was an issue also.

The company initially reacted to the wave explosion they think that the have to take batteries from a Hong Kong supplier but the batteries which were taken from the supplier, unusually it was also faulty.And one reason is also that the insulator between positive and negative electrode is very thin and they touch each other and it explodes.

After that Samsung taking back its Note 7 flagship mobile phone, almost 2.5 million units will be returned to the companies and some time a beasts will come i.e S8 and S8+ which was undergoing through eight-point safety check which was Samsung new policies that every phone of Samsung has to be passed this test otherwise it was not launched.

Now their was a special day for some note fans that Samsung has released Note FE(Fan Edition) which was made by Note 7 unused parts and it has  s pen  plus and   a smaller battery but this time Samsung has taken all safety measures related to battery so that’s why there will be no issue about battery.

And it was a great deal for note fans because it sold 30% less than the original price approx 40,000 Indian rupees Samsung decides to sell the Note FE in his home country South Korea and after that according to the results and after that, they try to sell into different countries.



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