Heart of Mauritius-Ganga Talao

ganga talo
ganga talo

According to Hindu legend, the God Shiva and his spouse Parvati have been circling the earth, with the sacred river, Ganges balanced on Shiva’s head. Shiva observed a beautiful, abandoned island and determined to land, but in the direction of touching down there, he spilled a few drops of the Ganges onto the island, growing a small lake. The Ganges, to no surprise, wasn’t extremely joyful with having some of her precious water left at the back of on the island, however, Shiva answered by way of pronouncing that someday the human beings who resided along her riverbanks in India would settle on this deserted island and come to worship her there.

And so used to be born the sacred lake, Ganga Talao, now domestic to the biggest annual pilgrimage of Hindus backyard of India. Each winter, heaps of hundreds of Hindus descend upon the lake, some coming from as far away as South Africa, to supply choices to Shiva and this far away “tributary” of the Ganges. It’s one of the most necessary occasions on the Mauritius calendar. Unfortunately, I used to be about 4 months too late to take part in the pageant itself, but that would not give up us from paying our respects all through the off-season.

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