HoloGraphic Phone

Holographic Phone

World’s Top most professional Camera making company RED announces that they made

the world’s first Holographic phone-Named as Hydrogen one.

According to its name, it’s a holographic phone which already makes curiosity for the tech

lovers RED’s Fan Base.yet we do not know about the hardware configurations.

According to RED, it Has a Holographic Screen shows 3D and 2D screen.RED thoughts that

they have the time to grow in the market of AR and VR Trend.IN both the landscape and

portrait mode it is said to be as a holographic media machine.

At present RED Hydrogen One is nothing it was just a niche.We could expect that some of

the common features like it will be run on Android, having about 5-5.7 inches

Screen,USB type C cable, And some common ones.

Expected price of the aluminium version is to be about $1200 and titanium version would be $1600 for the Hydrogen One.It would come between the mid of 2018.


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