Top 5 Best Wrestlers of our Favourite WWE


1 Stone Cold Steve Austin


Steve Austin is, financially speaking, the largest WWE movie star of all time. He was once a better celebrity than John Cena, The Undertaker, The Rock and Hulk Hogan. Austin’s impact on seasoned wrestling can be seen not only in WWE’s financial success however also in how it influenced storylines and characters for years to come.

Steve Austin proved that realistic characters based totally on a wrestler’s personal character had been a good deal greater relatable and fascinating than over-the-top cool animated film characters. Austin’s promos, rivalries, storylines and suits all had a private part to them due to the fact the narratives of these segments blurred the strains between scripted and reality.

Even if greater and greater followers knew that wrestling used to be scripted, that didn’t end them from investing in Austin’s character and stories emotionally. Austin was once the greatest anti-authority anti-hero character in wrestling history. His fighting with Vince McMahon and his quite a number stooges and servants was once instrumental in WWE defeating WCW in the Monday Night Wars and turning WWE into a pop lifestyle phenomenon.

2 The Undertaker


In phrases of respect, reverence, and longevity, no single WWE superstar can preserve a candle to The Undertaker. In an enterprise that’s full of jealousy, politics and personal rivalries, ‘Taker is probably the only Superstar who the locker room respected and had no horrific phrases to say about him. Everyone from WWE’s largest superstars to outsiders coming to WWE for a brief spell has praised The Undertaker in some way or another.

This praise comes from ‘Taker’s importance to wrestling history and his loyalty to the WWE. He’s nevertheless considered the longest-tenured wrestler in WWE history and has executed the whole lot viable at that company. He stayed loyal to WWE, even as so many others came and went.

His legendary WrestleMania streak used to be so grandiose of an accomplishment that it was praised by way of many non-wrestling publications over the years, even though they knew that it used to be all scripted.

The Undertaker character used to be the only one that has managed to stand up to the test of time and still stay popular. Though ‘Taker’s gimmick changed right here and there over the decades, the core notion stayed more or much less the same.\

3 Hulk Hogan


For many people unfamiliar with wrestling in its cutting-edge form, Hulk Hogan is wrestling. He was the wrestler that, together with Vince McMahon’s progressive ideas, added WWE out of the territorial machine and into the forefront of pop culture.

Hogan used to be a symbol of the 1980s, and his photo used to be everywhere. Sure, he wasn’t the great grappler, but that didn’t matter as a whole lot at that time. His charisma was off the charts, and he used to be a master of controlling the target market in the front of him. People virtually loved to see him, no depending on what he was once doing.

Hogan used to be the first WWE superstar to emerge as a genuinely world draw. His involvement in the early days of WrestleMania helped propel WWE into its first golden age of success and popularity, a duration that wouldn’t be replicated until the late 1990s.

4 The Rock


The Rock was the most charismatic wrestler of all time. Everything he did had the audience cheering for him so wildly and loudly that at instances you couldn’t hear him speak into a microphone. The target audience loved him that much.

The Rock was once extraordinary with the mic, the likes of which WWE hasn’t managed to locate since. He determined titanic success as a heel, and over time his promo style grew to be so relatively famous that the target market definitely may want to not boo him no depend on what he said. On one occasion, The Rock was once in Toronto and the audience kept cheering him, but the intent used to be for him to get booed.

So Rocky did what he did best: come up with notable lines to change the crowd’s actions. He made so many classic insults and smart one-liners that the target market was booing him loudly in underneath ten minutes. He was, pretty simply, a master.

Although The Rock’s wrestling profession used to be extraordinarily short, it was a fundamental phase of their growth period. Rocky’s matches, rivalries, and promos are nonetheless remembered these days with fond nostalgia. Anytime The Rock spoke, he brought humans to laugh, and his entrance theme got the crowd to their feet in an instant.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has since located enormous success as an actor, proving that his charisma should translate into different mediums as well. He is, indeed, one of the greatest Superstars of all time, and is a man priceless of all the success that he has received.

5 ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage


It has been nearly thirty years considering that the ‘Macho Man’ reached his top in popularity in WWE, and he’s nonetheless viewed one of the best superstars of all time. Macho Man used to be viewed one of the most ‘complete’ performers ever, possessing high-quality physical qualities, the look, and personality of a larger-than-life wrestler, exceptional grappling skills and a special and memorable voice.

Macho Man took the section in some of the biggest suits in WWE history, such as his famous hostilities with Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat. His non-wrestling segments were simply as memorable, along with his on-screen relationship with his then-manager Miss Elizabeth. Macho Man used to be one of these wrestlers that one should absolutely describe as ‘immortal’.

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