Interesting Facts About Victoria Memorial in Kolkata

Victoria Memorial Kolkata

The Victoria Memorial in Kolkata is one of the main destinations of the city. Built-in memory of Queen Victoria, this beautiful museum has a museum and a tourist attraction.

There is very interesting information about this requirement for visiting the attraction of India’s journey. Let’s take a look at some of the fascinating records of the Victoria Memorial in Kolkata.

1. Architecture

The use of a combination of each British and Mughal architecture in shape is recognized as the Indo-Saric Revival Architecture, which is an architectural style which was in British India at the end of the 19th century.

Victoria Memorial Kolkata

2. Foundation Stone
The cornerstone of the Victoria Memorial was kept in 1906 through the Prince of Wales.

3. The messenger of victory
The figure of ‘Angel of Victory’ has been made on the central dome of the Victoria Memorial. Horse-mounted on large ball bearings, parents revolve with wind

4. Sculptures around the dome
Around the central dome, there are many allegory sculptures that include art, architecture, charity, justice, motherhood, mastery and discrimination.

5. Similarity to the Taj Mahal
Like the Taj Mahal, the Victoria Memorial is also built using Makrana marble. Various structural factors of the dome and structure also resonate with the image of the Taj Mahal.

6. Gallery of Victoria Memorial
There are 25 galleries in the Victoria Memorial. The galleries include Sculpture Gallery, Royal Gallery, Central Hall, Picture Gallery, Weapons and Arsenal Gallery and Calcutta Gallery. The second of the museum shows that the coins, stamps, and maps of these times are included.

7. First Place of Presidency Jail
Prior to the construction of the Victoria Memorial, the Presidency Jail was kept, which was later demolished and shifted from Alipur to collect the monument.

8. Funded with the help of people of India
Once this large size was funded using Indians, the donation was called from all over the country, and the amount collected was used for the development of this remarkable monument. The British government additionally partly funded the structure.

9. Exile after Indian Independence
After 1947, as a step of exile, many idols have been raised in India with the help of the British, who have been converted through the Indians or moved to the backyard of the Victoria Memorial.

10. Mysterious Writing
Near the gate, you can see “VRI”, which stands for Victoria Regina Imperatrix’s translation for the ‘Victoria Rani & Empress’ translation. This could mean that Victoria, who is a queen of England, is a queen of India, another intriguing writing written above the entrance to the monument is ‘Deuce at Som Detroit’. It explains ‘God and my rights’ It can be a reference for the right to rule of the monarchy

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