Want to Copy Some thing from Copy Cat Malware

Copy Cat Malware

Nowadays a new malware will be trending like ransomware known as copycat malware. Copycat malware infects 14 million of the Android devices of the world in a very short period of time (just 2 months).In this 2 months, the creator of copycat malware earns $1.5 million.

Copycat malware targets only android based phone and makes money by taking the advertising revenues and the biggest effect shows in Southeast Asia.

Copycat malware has the specialty to reach to the root folder of the mobile phone. Once it gets control over your device it installs the use fewer apps and showing you ads with its own ID  and makes money from it.

Copy Cat Malware Spreads by Chinese network

We do not have proof to prove that who is behind this malware but when researchers try to find that from where it will be spread they see that hackers used the Chinese advertising networks “Mobi Summer” to viral this malware.

  • Copy Cat malware and Mobi Summer both works on same networks.
  • Many of the code lines of the Copy Cat Malware will be signed by Mobi Summer.
  • Copy Cat Malware only infects the Asian Countries, Not in China.


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